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Welcome to the Law Offices of Yasmin McFarlane Vaughn, P.C.

Located in Harlem, New York, the Law Offices of Yasmin McFarlane Vaughn, P.C. provide experienced legal services in the areas of Elder Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Probate Litigation, Matrimonial and Family Law, Real Estate and Civil Litigation to clients throughtout the New York City Region

For over 30 years, attorney Yasmin McFarlane Vaughn has been a trusted legal adviser to families, business owners and entrepreneurs

Yasmin understands business its need for prompt, informed and sensible legal advice.   She combines her many years of experience as a practitioner of law combined with an understanding of business challenges enabling her to deliver practical solutions for her clients. Whether you require assistance in Medicaid planning, planning for the disposition of your estate, negotiating a separation agreement or other legal matters the Law Office of Yasmin McFarlane Vaughn is ready to serve you

  • Will Contests
  • Spousal rights
  • Interference with Inheritance

  • Decedent’s Estates
  • Ancillary Estates
  • Guardianship
  • Inheritance Tax/Estate Tax



  • Divorce
  • Separation Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Post Nuptial and Prenuptial Agreements
  • Custodial Agreements

Estate planning
  • Residential/Commercial Closings
  • Residential/Commercial Leasing

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